Where is Ashton? I must be getting “Punk’d”

So just the other day my friend Christy, Ashley and I were talking on Facebook about using coupons. I was explaining to them that I definitely use coupons, but I am more of a “sale shopper”. This is not because I don’t like coupons or don’t take the time to find them or clip them, it is simply because we generally buy fresh produce and meat. When was the last time you saw a coupon for asparagus?

Anyway, I told them that someone needed to invent coupons for fresh produce and meat. That night, I went by my mom’s house to let her spend some time with Lottie, when I saw a coupon book about 15 pages long for Super H. The coupons books that I get in the mail from Super H generally include coupons for sauces, dry goods, cleaning supplies, rice, and other packaged goods. Nothing fresh.

I sat down expecting to see the same thing. I was floored when I saw what the coupons were. The booklet was filled with over 60 coupons for FRESH PRODUCE AND MEAT ONLY. These were absolutely, unbelievable prices!!!

Seriously, I got this the same day as I talked on FaceBook with friends about how they don’t exist.

The coupons are the best I have ever seen. Super H already has very low prices, but these seriously took my breath away. I felt like Ashton Kutcher was going to pop out and tell me I had been “Punk’d”

Here are a few examples of what is included:

4 Mangos for $0.98

10 Kiwi for $0.98

$0.68/lb for red or green seedless grapes

1 lb asparagus $0.88 (Unbelievable)

8 oz container of whole mushrooms $0.48

Whole Pineapple $0.98

Live Lobster $5.98/lb (seriously?)

Fresh Scallops $3.98/lb

10 lb bag of Idaho Potatoes $0.98

3 lb Vidalia Onions $0.78

Cauliflour $0.78 each

Hass avocado 4/$0.98

I could go on forever. The coupons are good from August 6- August 19, so be looking for some fun recipes that week.


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  1. I remember you saying something about Super H was close to you, but have you checked out Assi and Buford Highway Farmer’s Market? They are both about 30 minutes from us so we go there bi-weekly, but we noticed their prices are a little cheaper than Super H. Here some of the pictures I took of herb prices:

    also rosemary and thyme for 99 cents per bunch, 3 lbs of Cherries for $3.50.
    Happy shopping 🙂

    • Someone just told me yesterday about Assi. We will have to try it this weekend. I will definitely compare the prices and report back. I think I am going to change the format a little of my blog and make comparisons just on average retail price. Looking back, I noticed that I compared a lot to Publix which may have made Publix look bad when in actuality, I shop at Publix often and they have great sales too! Thanks for the info!

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