Everything Tastes Better with Fresh HERB!

I had the coolest experience last night. For those of you who follow my blog, you know that The Stars on Food Network are some of my favorite people. They are my pop stars! I would love to meet any or all of them in real life. Well, last night, I was invited to a dinner in Highlands with Herb Mesa, one of the finalists in this season’s Next Food Network Star.

It was such a fun night. It is so cool to meet the people you cheer for on TV in real life, and I will tell you this, HERB is hilarious! He has the best personality and would make such an amazing host for his own show. He really worked the room and made sure everyone was having fun at all times.

After dinner, we all went downstairs to watch the show together with Herb. That was cool too! And he made us the flan he made on last night’s show.

I got several photos with him and he took a lot of time to explain to me how the entire process worked for The Next Food Network Star, and for that I was very appreciative. I made him blush a few times when I smashed on his biceps and took every chance I could to roll up his sleeves (Sorry Herb), but for those of you who know me, you know that’s the way I roll!

Herb Mesa (and his muscles)

Herb watching Herb- Pretty Cool


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