No Knead to Buy Bread

One of the best and most flavorful ways that we save money with by making our own bread. I know exactly what you are thinking. What a hassle! Well, it is super simple and super cheap if you buy a bread machine. Then all you do is add the ingredients and press a button. It makes the most wonderful bread and your house smells great for a week.

There are several kinds of bread that you can make, some are easy and some are more difficult. Blake’s mom, Jeannie, is the master at making bread, and she shares all of her tips with us. Now, we make all different loaf breads, French bread, bagels and pizza dough. A loaf of homemade bread makes for a great housewarming or Christmas gift as well! The good quality bread at the average grocery store runs you about $3.99. That can really add up!

The bread machine recipes are endless on the Internet and once you get the hang of you, you can create your own. Bread Flour was buy one get one free the other day at Publix, so I went ahead and bought 6 bags of it. We are stocked for a few months now!

This is the bread machine we have. Blake’s mom bought it for us when it was on sale at Walmart for around $40. I highly suggest it. Our Bread Machine

This is the loaf that Blake made this morning for Yas and his dad. Yas’ dad lives in Japan, so it is always a treat when we get to see him. He loves Blake’s Onion Dill Bread. He says it is the best bread he has had in is whole life.

Homemade Onion Dill Bread- 2lb loaf

Hot and Fresh

Blake and Jeannie's Asiago French Bread and Plain French Bread


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  1. mm. I’ve been thinking about buying one of those bread machines. I keep looking for a big sale somewhere, haven’t decided on one yet. Those above look great!

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