Staple Item Prices

These are common ingredients that you will see throughout our recipes. We always get these at the same places unless we ever see them cheaper. When staples are on the Buy One Get One free (BOGO) list at our local grocery stores, we stock up since most of the staple items are non-perishable.

1. Minced garlic (Costco 48 oz/ $3.99 Average Retail 6 oz $2.99)

2. Egg (Costco 36 eggs for $1.18 $0.06/egg Average Retail $2.99/12 $0.25each)

3. Salt (Publix when BOGO $0.73/2)

4. All Spices (Big Lots $1.00 each Average Retail $1.99-$5.99)

5. Olive oil (Costco $9.99/ 64oz Average Retail $4.99/16oz)

6. Flour (Publix when BOGO $1.99/2)

7. Milk (Costco $1.89/gallon Average Retail $3.49/gallon)

8. Panko bread crumbs (Super H when $.100 off from Average Retail $3.99)

9.  Mayonnaise (Publix when BOGO $3.99/2 Average retail $3.99/1)

10. Soy sauce (Costco $3.99 for 64 oz Average Retail $2.99/ 10oz)

11. Beef/chicken/vegetable stock (Costco 12 cans for $6.99 Average Retail $1.19/can)

12. Sour cream (Publix when BOGO $2.09/2 Average Retail $2.09/1)

13. Diced tomatoes (Costco 12/$5.99 Average Retail $0.99/each)

14. Tomato sauce (Costco 12/$5.99 Average Retail $0.99/each)

15. Butter (Costco 5lbs $5.19 Average Retail $2.99/lb)

16 . White rice (Super H $9.99 for 10 lb bag)


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