Peter Piper Picked a Piece of Pizza

Friday Night in the Foster home has become pizza night. Blake and I both make our own pizza, so we have a lot of variety. I never liked pizza until after I had Lottie. Now, I love it.

Every time they have the pizza at school, I partake. There is just something I love about the overwhelming dry flour taste that accompanies the school cafeteria pizza. One of my students always makes fun of me because I hate cheese on my pizza. I always scrape it off into the trashcan. Then I replace the toppings and chow down.

My very favorite pizza that I have made thus far is Granny Smith apple and hot Italian sausage pizza. It is to die for!

Apple Sausage Pizza

-1 premade pizza crust (We like Mama Mias from Ingles the best)

-1 cup of shredded mozzerella

-3 tbsp crumbled blue cheese

-2 HOT Italian sausage links- browned

-1 Granny Smith apple sliced thin

-1 cup Balsamic vinegar (reduced to 1/4 original amount)

– 2tbsp olive oil

We like to buy the precooked crust and just add the toppings. Mama Mias from Ingles is similar to the school cafeteria crust.

1. Remove the sausage from the casing and brown in the pan.

2. Reduce 1 cup of Balsamic vinegar by 75% until syrupy and sweet.

3. Slice apples thin for topping pizza

4. Spread a thin layer of olive oil to pizza crust

5. Top with mozzarella cheese

6. Evenly spread cooked sausage, apples and crumbled blue cheese on pizza

7. Cook as directed on crust package

8. After cooked, drizzle Balsamic reduction on top of pizza and enjoy!


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